DuMont appoints Christian Friedrichs as United CEO

Christian Friedrichs is Managing Director of United MT at DuMont – Photo: DuMont

After the establishment of the business unit and the launch of the United brand, the founders Benjamin Schroeter and Teja Töpfer switched to the advisory board in April 2022, as confirmed by DuMont in response to a request from MEEDIA. The two complement the body, which previously consisted of the chairman Christoph Bauer as well as Stefan Hütwohl and Stephan Schubert. Christian Friedrichs, previously Investment Manager M&A at DuMont Schauberg, was appointed as the new Managing Director.

The United Marketing Technologies division previously bundled the brands Censhare, Facelift and Upljft. Benjamin Schroeter and Teja Töpfe founded Facelift in 2011, and in 2016 DuMont took over 75 percent of the Facelift shares. Facelift teamed up with Thjnk in 2015 to create Upljft. In 2017, DuMont also secured a strategic stake in the content management system provider Censhare. At the end of June it was announced that DuMont (50.1 percent) was leaving Upljft, making Thjnk AG the sole owner – should the antitrust authorities agree.

“Upljft has the best conditions for long-term development as part of a large and successful agency network. In addition, within United MT we want to focus even more strategically on the area of ​​Software as a Service (SaaS) and scalable marketing technology, which is why we have decided to sell our shares in Upljft to thjnk,” says Christian Friedrichs, Managing Director of United MT at DuMont.

Christoph Bauer, CEO of DuMont, constantly invests in marketing technologies. When presenting the business figures in June 2022, he said: “We now have a very lean holding company and four business units in the three business areas of regional media, business information and marketing technology, each of which works with its own management board and advisory board.” Act safely, added Bauer. The holding company is one-fifth the size it was a year and a half ago, when there were 65 jobs, now there are 12.

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