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Continental Center / Reported by Ke Meiyi

▲ The man ordered fried rice at a ramen shop. (Photo / Extract from Weibo)

I just wanted to eat, but I was so pissed off. Recently, a man in Anhui, China went to a ramen restaurant and ordered fried rice. After the meal was served, he felt that the taste was not enough, so he added “2 tablespoons of chili sauce”. come next time “.

The man said he collected 2 tablespoons of chilli sauce, which caused the boss's dissatisfaction.  (Photo / Extract from Weibo)

▲ The man said he collected 2 tablespoons of chilli sauce, which caused the boss to be dissatisfied. (Photo / Extract from Weibo)

According to “Sohu” and other media reports Lu, a man from Lu’an, Anhui went to dinner at a local Lanzhou noodle shop. At the time, he ordered fried rice in the shop, but because he added 2 tablespoons of chilli sauce, he was angrily scolded by the boss for not coming next time. Upon hearing this, the man could not hold back his anger, so he took his cell phone to record and asked the boss to repeat the bad things he had told him.

From the video it can be seen that the man recorded the fried rice on the table and said: “Come to Lanzhou Ramen and eat a noodle (fried rice), collect 2 tablespoons of chili and the boss will not eat it.” scoops, 8 scoops. “After an argument between the two, the boss angrily said,” Don’t come next time, I don’t like customers like you, “and the man replied:” It’s your business if you don’t like them, go back to your hometown to do business. “

When the video was exposed, the netizens slammed the boss: “Don’t waste it, you can eat it, not all guests eat it like this”, “As the chillies are placed on the table and are provided for free, so guests are free to eat as much as they want. The owner shouldn’t be so stingy. ” “Not everyone eats that much chili. Every now and then someone likes spicy food, so can they be eaten by your store?”

However, some people pointed out that the boss clearly said “8 spoons”, but the man said “2 spoons” in the video, which is suspected of being rhythmic, but many netizens thought: “What’s not go with 8 spoons? Other customers can eat spicy food. The store is ahead of its time. If you say you can’t get 8 spoons, this person doesn’t eat here “,” 10 spoons is fine, it’s a place to eat. “

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