Duke Kate is in fourth pregnancy? The tabloid showed her pictures of “with a rounded belly”. We’ve seen them before!

Princess Kate i Prince William They fulfill the roles of not only members of the royal family, but also parents – a marriage brings up two sons and a daughter. For several months, however, the media has been reporting that the couple dream of one more consolation. Although the palace is silent, and Middleton does not shy away from wearing tight pants and blouses, the tabloids compete with new revelations in this matter. On the cover they presented a shot of the princess St. a trench coatwhen the wind gently doubled him up.

“New Idea” showed pictures of Princess Kate “with a rounded belly.” We’ve seen them before!

The royal family is constantly under fire from journalists and paparazzi. These became even more interested in life outside the palace walls after the interview Meghan Markle i ksicia harry‘ego who accused one of the royal family of racism. Some say that the grandson of Elizabeth II meant Prince Charles, others that Princess Anne.

It was Princess Anna who wondered about the skin color of Meghan and Harry’s son?

The statement of the American actress, who publicly confessed that just before the wedding, Princess Kate made her cry was also widely commented on. She made no comments and a few days after the interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast, she appeared at a public event. She was wearing a beautiful pink coat with a blouse of the same color and black, baggy pants. It was the photos from this exit that “New Idea” looked at and saw … pregnancy curves.

Princess Kate is pregnant?Princess Kate is pregnant? New Idea

However, it is enough to look at the other shots of the photographers. Ksina Kate she is slim as always and looking at her figure it is difficult to conclude that she is expecting a fourth child. Perhaps, however, this is an early stage of pregnancy and the parents themselves do not know about it? Most importantly, the tabloid was the first to find this information.

Princess Kate, Prince WilliamThe first exit of Princess Kate and Prince William. Look at those grave faces

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