Duh! Risma’s habit of anger getting worse, the DPR RI says

Social Minister Risma. Photo: Presidential Secretariat

GenPI.co – Social Minister Tri Rismaharini’s habit of getting angry was getting worse. Risma’s voice almost ran out.

His voice became hoarse when he was talking at a working meeting with Commission VIII DPR RI on Wednesday (13/1/2021).

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“My voice is up to this point. Maybe my friends (at the Ministry of Social Affairs) wanted to swallow me up because they often got angry, ”said Risma during a meeting.

Hearing the statement from Risma, a member of the DPR RI had to remind the former Surabaya Mayor.

Risma was asked to be calmer in leading the Ministry of Social Affairs.

“Often patient, ma’am,” said a member of the DPR.

Risma admitted that her habit of getting angry while still serving as Mayor of Surabaya was still being carried out.


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