Duh, for the sake of buying an iPhone, this young man is desperate to sell his kidneys in the black market for buying and selling organs, this is his fate

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Case selling kidneys happened again, but this time it is quite unique because this man sells his kidney just for the sake of one gadget.

It turned out that this man had wanted to have it for years iPhone 4.

Having no money to buy, he was determined to sell his kidney on the black market.

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Quoted from Grid.Id, for the sake of a new cellphone, this young man was desperate to sell one of his kidneys.

After all these years, he finally regretted his ridiculous decision.

As reported by Sosok.ID of Oddity Central, Xiao Wang was only 17 years old when he decided to sell his kidney to buy iPhone 4.

After undergoing surgery, Wang was told by the doctor that his life would be normal even with only one kidney.

However, after nearly a decade has passed, the 25-year-old man has become permanently disabled and his life depends on it dialysis.

Back in 2011, where iPhone 4 is Apple’s flagship smartphone as well as a status symbol at Xiao Wang’s school in Chengzhou, China.

However, Wang’s poor family couldn’t afford the cell phone.

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