Due to the war, Ukrainians will age 10-15 years faster than during peacetime

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has warned that during the war, people can face not only emotional burnout, but also significantly “aging” due to prolonged stress.

According to Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Lyashko, the war with Russia is the most publicized war in human history. Ukrainians watch practically all military events live, which affects the psychological state of every person.

“According to preliminary calculations and studies already carried out by leading scientists, such long-term effects on the psycho-emotional state of people lead to the fact that they biologically age by 10-15 years. That is, people in their forties will begin to suffer from diseases that were usually characteristic of people in their sixties,” he said.

Viktor Lyashko warned that in a year or two, there will be more cases of oncological and cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine, especially heart attacks and strokes.

According to forecasts of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, about 15 million Ukrainians will need psychological support due to the war, of which 3 to 4 million will need medical help.

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