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“The weather forecast for the entire week was quite sad, but we hoped that we would manage. After the qualifying races, the situation seemed to be a little hopeful, as the track started to dry, but when the starts started, heavy rain gases started again with short breaks. After the first races, it was decided to re-convene a meeting of the participants and representatives of the competition, when a logical decision was made – the second races should be canceled, because practically the entire track has become impassable and dangerous,” said the owner of the track, Aidis Herings, who revealed that a thorough investment had been made in the preparation of the track work and before preparing the track for the competition, a culvert was laid in the lowest place, which turned out to be too thin and unable to drain the water that flowed to the streams.

Even despite the rainy weather, quite a lot of spectators had come to watch the Latvian amateur motocross championship, who liked such a show, because the tests for both the athletes and the equipment were great.

The largest number of participants was in the beginner class, where 15 pilots stood at the starting barrier. In the first and only race, only 12 of them reached the finish line. The fastest was Mārtiņš Deksnis (AMK “Bieriņi”), the second place was won by Tomas Randa (Motoklub “Litene”), and the third was Guntis Valters.

In the nominally most prestigious MX Open class, Andis Valts from “Moto Mafia” took the victory, leaving Lithuanian athlete Liutauras Maciulevičas behind. Meanwhile, the lowest step of the podium was conquered by Kārlis Roberts Elksnis (MX Ādaži).

In the MX18+ class, Ansis Anšević from “Rodeo MX” won, leaving Sandi Aleksejeva (DAKO Zielmekurzeme) and Richard Billi (Rambas R) behind.

Jānis Riters, the representative of the “Rambas R” club, was the fastest in the MX30+ competition. Second place for Marek Zolmanis (Saldus Motoklubs), while third place for Mārtiņš Martiķāns (MX Factory Riga).

Viktors Vaskis (Rodeo MX) remained unbeaten in quadricycles, but Jānis Tiļugs (Motokurzeme) and Jānis Raiskums (Motokruīzs) climbed the second and third steps of the podium.

The combined crew of Lithuania and Latvia – Liatauras Variakojis/Mārtiņš Antons, who recently participated in the world championship in Estonia, drove ahead of everyone in the sidecar competition. The second place was won by Gatis Tabūns with co-driver Edgars Skinderski from “Rambas R”, while the third place went to the crew of Didža Trautmanis/Sands Priednieks (JTSC “Eriņi”).

Other results:


1. Andris Jonaitis (GF Racing Team)
2. Mārtiņš Mauriņš (FFF sports club)
3. Andris Hohlačovs (Rambas R)


1. Leon Kozlovskis (MX Adaži)
2. Raimonds Kalniņš (DAKO North Kurzeme)
3. Andis Spila (VV Moto Racing team)


1. Yuriy Kovgers (DAKO North Kurzeme)
2. Raivis Zolmanis (Saldus motorcycle club)
3. Arvis Sanders (Rodeo MX)


1. Jānis Mironovs (CAMK Latgale)
2. Gilles Maciunas
3. Indulis Kārkliņš (Motoclub “Ape”)

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