Due to the Kekava bicycle ride, large traffic jams have formed on nearby roads – in Latvia

Due to the Kekava bicycle ride taking place today, large traffic jams have formed on all major roads near the Kekava circle

The congestion has developed both on the Bauska highway near the Ķekava circle, and on the highway leading from Baldone to the Bauska highway, as well as on the Riga bypass on both sides of the Ķekava circle.

For example, in the direction from Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), congestion is already formed from Dole Island. Cars are standing on the HPP dam, several of them have stopped at the roadside and people have gotten out, LETA observed.

It has already been reported that during the Ķekava bicycle ride today traffic restrictions have been set on the Bauska highway and Riga bypass, as well as on minor roads in the vicinity of Ķekava, Vineta Vītoliņa, the head of public relations at Ķekava municipality, informed LETA.

The bike ride takes place from 9 am to 5 pm.

Traffic restrictions are planned in the center of Ķekava, then along the Bauska highway to the roundabout with the Riga bypass, on the Riga bypass in the direction of the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP), as well as further in the direction of Daugmale and Baldone.

Traffic restrictions are also planned on the highway connecting the rotation circle at the Riga HPP with the Skaistkalne highway and on the said highway.

The organizers of the bike ride invite motorists to get acquainted with the traffic restrictions on the website “www.kekavasnovads.lv” in order to be able to plan the most convenient route possible.

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