News Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Latvia, certain restrictions...

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Latvia, certain restrictions are being strengthened; police ready to control


In view of the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases observed in recent days, on Friday, July 10, an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers approved changes to the regulations on epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection, effective from Saturday, July 11. State police (VP) has confirmed that it is ready to monitor their observance and will respond in accordance with the information and calls received from the population.

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With the decision of the government, the already existing restriction on the number of visitors at the tables located in public catering places is restored, which is set from 11 July:

  • no more than four visitors who are not members of the same household are at the same table indoors;
  • no more than eight non-household visitors shall be present at the same table.

It is also stipulated that cultural, sporting, entertainment, including discotheque, and religious venues, as well as public catering establishments, shall start no earlier than 6 am and end no later than 24.00, except for open-air cinema demonstrations, which shall end no later than later than 2 o’clock, reminds the Ministry of Economy.

Catering service providers (cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.) must display clearly legible publicly available information on the maximum number of persons who may be present at the place of service both indoors and outdoors in public places (at least at the entrance and at the box office). .

It must be calculated on the basis of the requirements already in force to provide at least three square meters of public space per visitor and the requirement to provide two meters between tables, the ministry reminds.

The Ministry urges caterers to carefully comply with all established requirements in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19, and visitors to comply with all these requirements, to inform catering staff if they are not complied with, and not to visit places where they are not complied with, or where crowding occurs.

The Ministry recalls that the catering service provider must continue to ensure that:

  • the distance of two meters between the tables is observed, if there is no partition wall between them;
  • it is possible for visitors to buy food to take away;
  • cutlery, tableware and napkins are issued to each visitor individually;
  • table disinfection is performed after each visitor’s meal.

For the time being, the requirements for organizing various types of events (weddings, graduations, etc., banquets, etc.) contained in government regulations, including catering, setting a maximum number of people, as well as general requirements to control the flow of people to prevent crowding at entrances, exits , toilets, cash registers and the like.

Venues for the provision of events or economic services may have the following maximum number of persons (maximum number of persons not including employees):

  • from 1 to 31 July, no more than 100 people may be accommodated indoors with a total public space of less than 1000 square meters, 500 people indoors with a total public space of more than 1000 square meters and 1000 people outdoors;
  • From 1 to 31 August, the event shall be open to a maximum of 250 people indoors with a total public space of less than 1000 square meters, 500 people indoors with a total public space of more than 1000 square meters and 3000 people outdoors.

When organizing an event or providing economic services in an object, the total area of ​​public spaces of which exceeds 1000 square meters:

  • if possible, a record must be kept of the people present on the premises;
  • ensure that the venue of the event is no more than 50% of the total possible number of people allowed by the area and infrastructure of the venue of the event or the provision of economic services;
  • not less than four square meters of the area of ​​the event or business service premises must be provided per person.

As noted in the Ministry of Health, the epidemiological investigation has revealed that the last days cases of the disease are related to the use of catering services and unorganized, private visits with friends and acquaintances in these places, where other visitors are present at the same time.

The information gathered by the Ministry shows that the requirement to provide two meters is poorly observed in public catering establishments and the publicly accessible area per visitor is also insufficiently observed – some restaurants and other catering establishments are overcrowded.

More on what and why at an extraordinary meeting on Friday, the government decided, you can find out here:

It has already been reported that an emergency situation was declared throughout Latvia in connection with the spread of Covid-19 on March 12, which ended on June 9.

World Health Organization (WHO) has named the new coronavirus disease. It is called Covid-19. The name is made up of the words “corona”, “virus” and “disease”. The number 19, in turn, indicates the year in which the outbreak of the virus began. The first reports of the virus outbreak appeared on December 31 last year.


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