Due to the Covid-19 case, the New Riga Theater cancels the performances until October 25

Friday, October 9, evening The new Riga Theater has posted on his Facebook profile a statement that performances will be canceled by October 25 due to one actor becoming infected with Covid-19.

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“Due to the confirmation of a Covid-19 infection on October 9, one of our troupe actors (with his permission we publish his name – Yevgeny Isaev), the New Riga Theater decides to stop playing from October 10 for two weeks,” post on a social network.

“Taking care of the safety of our spectators, we announce that we will resume the performances from October 25. Jevgenijs Isajevs last participated in the performances on September 30 and has not been in the theater since then. On the morning of October 9, the actor came to the rehearsal, but felt unwell and was immediately sent for tests that confirmed the infection, “the statement said.

Canceled show ticket holders will be notified separately of the future.

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