Due to Delta Threat, New York Parents Demand Remote Classes Reactivated | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

roll from August.hope: a group ofparents demands the city ofnew york enable theremote education systemfor the next school year,they say feel with wingstranquility.as mariana tells ussalgado.mariana: throughout her yearfrom kindergarten, thomas took great painsin their remote learning.that’s why her mother tells usyou don’t want me to go back toSeptember.I am not totally ofOkay, it’s still dueuse the ascara.And what happens if thechildren to get sick?mariana: even the cdcrecommends that allchildren wear a mask on theschool.that’s why today they protestedoutside of this school.when it was announced thatstudents went back to classin September, the unionof teachers urged aremote education.at least go two orthree days and then be inhome so as not to expose yourself.Mariana: Seún theHealth Department; I knowhave reported 26 deaths inchildren under the age of 16 innew york city.although thespecific ages.diseases, such as asthma, arethose who are most exposed.mariana: for now this whatis the largest district ofthe nacón is ready forstart your classesface-to-face in September.to be aware mustvisit the page of


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