Due to corona, Joris (59) needs new lungs, but he is too old for a transplant: “Not fair” – Wel.nl

Joris Deconinck (59) from Anzegem, Flanders, became infected with the corona virus in December. He has been in a coma since December 20. Joris can only wake up when he gets new lungs, but as a corona patient he is too old for that, writes Het Laatste Nieuws.

Shortly after his infection, Joris only had mild complaints. Nothing seemed to be going on. Until his condition suddenly deteriorated seriously. The oxygen level in his blood dropped and he had to be put on a ventilator. The very healthy man without overweight managed to beat the virus, but is still in a coma.

“His lungs are too badly affected, on the one hand by corona and on the other by the long-term ventilation. He cannot wake up with these lungs… ”, says his daughter Florence.

However, her father is not eligible for a lung transplant. “He is 59. Normally you are eligible for new lungs until your 65th birthday, but apparently that limit is 50 years for covid patients. And so it’s over and out for dad. ”

His family is angry about that. “Until before corona, this was a very vital, healthy person. [..] And all other organs are doing fine. Only his lungs no longer want to come. This is not fair…”

Bron (nen): HLN


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