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The showgirl told «Verissimo» that after a shot taken while on vacation, her almost four-year-old son has difficulty walking

The showgirl Paola Carusoguest of «Verissimo», recounted the dramatic period he is going through due to the health conditions of his son, who will turn four in March. “A medical error caused him a paresis of the sciatic nerve,” he told Silvia Toffanin in tears. It all happened at the end of November, when the ex bonas of «Next another» was in holiday with his son in Egypt, in Sharm el-Sheikhon the Red Sea. Everything happened during those days. “Michele had a fever and the doctor on duty gave him a shot and immediately after that moment he started having problems walking,” he explained. Caruso. Adding: “He tried to get up and fell out of bed, he could no longer feel his leg because he had a sciatic nerve injury”.

The slow recovery

Once she returned to Italy she discovered that that type of treatment is absolutely prohibited for underage patients, due to its toxicity, so much so that the recovery will be quite long. «Today Michele walks with a brace, he didn’t walk until mid-December. Doctors here in Italy say the rehabilitation process will be long. I try to be strong for him but I’m destroyed.”


January 29, 2023 (change January 29, 2023 | 19:18)

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