Duda commented on the historic decision to deploy the US military headquarters in Poland

The President of Poland stressed that this revolutionary decision by NATO would signal the containment of Russia.

Polish President Andrzej Duda welcomed the US decision to deploy the military headquarters of the 5th Army on Polish territory as the realization of an old dream.

According to him, this will strengthen the security of Poland, sending a clear message about the containment of Russia. Voice of America.

Recall, President Joe Biden said at the NATO summit in Madrid that the United States will build up its forces and weapons throughout Europe and establish a new permanent military headquarters in Poland in response to potential threats from Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

“This is news that we have been waiting for a long time,” Duda said at a press conference. “This is a fact that greatly enhances our security … in the difficult situation we are in.”

Ever since Russia annexed Crimea, Poland has seen an increase in NATO troops on its eastern flank as vital to the security of Central Europe in the face of growing Russian aggression. Poland has long sought to establish a permanent US military base on its territory.

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“What seemed impossible to many is now becoming a fact,” Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz tweeted. “We have a permanent US presence in Poland… This is also a clear signal to Moscow.”

Previously, there were about 4,500 US troops in Poland, both within NATO and on a bilateral basis, mostly deployed in the west of the country on a rotation basis. Following the start of Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine, Washington sent additional troops and equipment to Poland on a temporary basis, and in June NATO said that 11,600 troops from other countries are currently stationed in Poland, including forces from other NATO members, in particular the UK.

As UNIAN reported, today during the summit NATO in Madrid, US President Joe Biden officially announced about the expansion of the American military contingent in Europe in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. This is the largest restructuring of the European security system since the end of the Cold War.

June 25 power Poland stated that at the NATO summit in Madrid will ask for accommodation on the territory of the country brigade combat group of the alliance. And on June 11, Polish President Andrzej Duda said that the countries of the eastern flank NATO look forward to an increase the number of US troops in that part of Europe.

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