DuckDuckGo adds navigation to mobile site – IT Pro – News

The privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo now offers navigation in the maps function. Users can drive or walk while navigating. The service says it stores location data separately from the search.

Of new navigation function is available through the search engine’s mobile website. Users could already use a map function there. That worked via Apple Maps, which were loaded via the MapKit JS Framework. Now it is also possible to use navigation.

Users can click the Directions button to navigate between two points. By default DuckDuckGo uses the user’s location data for this. The browser does send the location, but according to DuckDuckGo it is isolated from other identifiable data of the user. The data is also deleted afterwards.

The navigation function itself also contains a step-by-step plan, and provides information about the distance, the travel time, and alternative routes. It is only suitable for driving and walking, and it is not possible to specify locations in between.

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