Dublin represents a decisive step. To complete the Milan transfer market, Paquetà is the other cap to remove. Church is a luxury, Milenklovic is the priority

Beware of the Europa League. Those who think that this is a practice to be dealt with quickly and without particular difficulties, is out of the way. Anyone who thinks that the finish is not useful to the owners and the technician himself, is out of tune. Anyone who imagines that the AC Milan transfer market can be completed, according to the plans of the technical area, without the guarantee of the Europa League has not understood the reality and it is advisable to immediately inquire about the needs of next season. There is one aspect that puts Italian football in serious embarrassment: the lack of the box office (season tickets and tickets) deprives the clubs of the cash register with which they can shop, pay part of their salaries, etc. This means that until there is an almost complete reopening, suffering will become inevitable. And fortunately, Milan is one of the few clubs that has no debts with banks and therefore can draw on the famous bank “credit” to meet the deadlines. So, to summarize: the trip to Dublin cannot be a picnic. And the final part of the Rossoneri market will depend on the outcome of the qualification.

There is a stretch on this topic. There is a part of the media, probably inspired by Florentine tips, which continues to bet on Milan’s interest in Federico Chiesa. Oh, mind you: nobody here questions his talent or his future. The point is another: Viola di Comisso wants to get rid of the Church by imagining that through its sale it can raise cash, invest in sales and above all in contract renewals. Pioli’s priority is the arrival of a strong defender. The coach has provided a track, Milenkovic, which meets the characteristics requested by him: physical, ability to adapt to multiple roles, great strength, temperate character for Italian football. It is true that in the meantime Duarte has been confirmed but only because the Brazilian does not intend to change the air and furthermore no requests have been received on his behalf. The opposite would have been sensational: he arrived injured, he went off the radar, now he’s recovering. Serginho’s first “gift” to society was not the most satisfying. In addition to the Europa League, the other cap on the Rossoneri market is Paquetà, Leonardo’s latest inconvenient legacy. Placing it without causing serious losses in the balance sheet will be a titanic undertaking. Once his locker in Milanello has been released, it will be possible to complete the work.

Providing the essential supplies is not an insignificant detail, especially in a complicated season like this one. As an old sea dog, Italo Allodi, used to say, everyone is good at buying, all you need is the money of the president or the shareholder (as in the case of Milan and many other clubs). You have to be good at yielding without causing trouble either to the budget or to the team’s technical figure.

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