Dubai police arrests top Curaçao gang

The Dubai police have arrested a leader of the Dutch-Curaçao gang No Limit Soldiers (NLS). It concerns 37-year-old Shurendy Q.

The arrest was carried out by a special police unit in Dubai at the request of the Public Prosecution Service of Sint Maarten.

Q. is suspected of ordering various liquidations, kidnapping, managing a criminal organization and money laundering. The facts have been committed in the different countries of the kingdom and beyond.

Q. has been wanted for years by the judiciary in Curaçao and St. Maarten. Justice considers him one of the three leaders of the NLS, the gang that murdered the popular politician Helmin Wiels in 2013. The perpetrators have been arrested and are serving prison sentences ranging from 26 years to life.

The gang mainly operates in Curaçao, Sta. Domingo and Sint-Maarten, but members regularly move to the Netherlands when the ground gets too hot under their feet. In 2016, Q. was arrested and extradited by Jamaica, but his counsel, Inez Weski, managed to get him released.


After his release, according to the judiciary, Q. continued his criminal activities. A special investigation team with people from different countries was formed to track him down. This intensive international police cooperation led to the arrest in Dubai today.

“The arrest of Shurendy Q. is an important step in the investigation,” said the OM in a press statement. This brings the resolution of various liquidations a step closer, achieving justice for the victims and their next of kin. “

After the arrest of Q. in Dubai, various locations were searched, including in Curaçao and the Netherlands. The investigation will be continued in the near future, more arrests are not ruled out, according to the OM.

The Curaçao authorities will now request his extradition. This procedure can take some time, because the Kingdom has no extradition treaty with Dubai.

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