Dubai.. A woman deceives a man and seizes 185,000 dirhams from him in an “unthinkable” way

Al-Marsad newspaper: An unknown woman was able to deceive a person of the nationality of an Arab country residing in the Emirates through the application of “Instagram”, and convinced him that she possesses wealth (which is 18 gold bars) located in an African country, and she needs 50 thousand dirhams to clear it customs, according to “Emirates”. Today”.

The woman, the victim, promised to give him eight bars of it, if he shared with her in securing the amount, and under the influence of the temptation of gold, he began to transfer the amount to her in installments, until it reached a total of 185 thousand dirhams, including two payments that he handed over in cash to a person in Dubai.

African country

The complainant said that he saw an ad for a woman in an African country, via “Instagram”, promoting the gold trade, so he contacted her, and she told him that she had 18 gold bars, and she wanted to bring them to the Emirates.

He explained that she showed him a group of photos that she claimed were of bullion, and tempted him to give him eight of them in exchange for helping her clear them at customs, so he believed them and agreed to share them.


He indicated that she asked him to transfer cash to her to finish the clearance procedures, so he transferred the amount of 6,000 dirhams in varying installments through an exchange company, then transferred the amount of 25,000 dirhams, in four installments, in her name and the names of two other people.

He continued that she asked him to pay 50,000 cash to a person in Dubai, and provided him with my phone number, so he called the owner of the number (the arrested suspect), met him, and handed him the money in his car.

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I continued draining it

He added that he transferred another amount through the exchange to the woman, who continued to drain him, and asked for 85 thousand dirhams in cash, and after he handed her over, she disappeared, and she stopped receiving his calls, so he realized that he had fallen victim to a fraud, and filed a report of the incident.

When asked by the accused in the police inference report and the prosecution’s investigations, he stated that he had no previous relationship with the complainant, and that he was arrested while he was leaving the country, pointing out that a friend of his from his country contacted him about four months ago, and asked him to meet with a person, and receive an amount of 50,000. Dirham from him, and transfer it to that friend.

After examining the case, the court confirmed in the reasons for its ruling that the papers were devoid of any evidence that would reach its conviction to the level of certainty and certainty against the accused, because the unknown woman asked the victim to hand over sums to the accused, which was not denied by the latter, but he confirmed that he had no knowledge of the crime and not has a role otherwise.

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