Dua Lipa seduces the Mexican “Sun” with her music and movements

the concert of Dua Lipa it was divided into four acts, in the first two its sensual of the body were accompanied by high hillsalready for the third, in order to wear all the choreographies like a watch, she opted for sneakers, which did not detract from how spectacular she was with her raven hair in the air and her outfits, the same in cream, as in mauve.

They were good, Good in bed, Fever the boys will be boys They were part of the second act. Between each block there were spaces that didn’t matter much because when he came back, as another follower said: “he sings very well, it’s a decal to listen to the album”. The Englishman also showed it by singing Future Nostalgia Clubwhich gives this tour its name.

Animations of planets, a sun in its splendor, rainbows and accompanying laser lights Dua Lipawho uttered every chord, although for some it required more interaction. A kiss, Electricity y hallucinations were the preamble of a favorite, Cold heartwho sang on the steps of her stage and with the video appearance of Elton John.

“Mexico City, I love you very much”, the singer expressed once again to close her magical night with a new look in gold and with songs Levitating y Don’t start now. The Brit finished her presentation at 10.30pm, always repeating her gratitude to her fans and mutual dedication with good music and full energy.

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