‘Dtac’ asks for registration information ‘half per person’ via Krungthai Bank Clearly expect the remedy tomorrow.

‘Dtac’ asks for registration information ‘half per person’ via Krungthai Bank Clearly expected to repair customers do not receive OTPs half of tomorrow.

On December 16 Mr. Trairat Wiriyasirikul Deputy Secretary-General Acting Secretary-General of the Broadcasting Commission Television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) disclosed the case of dtac phone service users Did not receive SMS, code OTP from the second half of the 2nd round of registration to exercise right on the morning of December 16 Causing the user to lose the right to register Therefore called the executives from dtac to clarify that he was informed that dtac’s OTP receiving system There was an interruption from 04.00 -08.00 hrs, making it impossible to use the OTP system during that time.

So way NBTC Offers two remedies: 1. Telecommunication remedies. Which the NBTC responsible for has ordered not to charge for various parts That had a problem during that time 2. Remedy for users who lost half of the project privileges, which dtac is ready to remedy such users It also instructs other mobile operators not to cause this kind of problem in the future.

Mr. Narupon Ratanasamaharn Senior Director Dtac Government Coordinator said that dtac initially asked to coordinate information with Krungthai Bank in order to know which of the dtac customers had half of their registration with the project. Do not get SMS, OTP. And receive evidence of screen recording on the phone By computer Via direct channels with dtac

“Dtac insists on making half of the subscriber who lost the project privileges. They have to wait for the top management to approve as soon as possible. By today evening 16 December or tomorrow 17 December “ Mr. Narupon said.

The reporter reported that Shortly after the press conference, dtac announced the initial remedy that “Dtac understands the situation and the impact it has on customers. And apologize for the incident Dtac is ready to take responsibility by compensating the affected customers. Both customers in prepaid systems And monthly systems, such as discounts when buying a mobile phone Top-up bonus, free calls, free internet by dtac will contact the affected dtac service users. Via SMS message as soon as possible “

The reporter reported that In the press conference, inquiries were made to the NBTC and dtac. How many people were assessed to be affected? And prepare the remedy in the amount of the amount per person Both parts did not ask for details.

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Dtac announces compensation for customers who do not receive OTP registered in the measure “half-half” during the opening period.

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