DSDS (RTL): Successful influencer embarrasses herself to the point of blood – Maite Kelly’s look says it all

At the DSDS casting, Nadine would like to fulfill a big dream: she would like to become a singer. But the influencer can’t sing at all.

Boppard – Nadine Nastfogel (27) struts towards the DSDS jury in a chic red dress and high heels. And it looks impressed at first. Especially Mike Singer (21) shines towards the blonde beauty. But that should change soon …

DSDS candidate Nadine Nastfogel earned her money as an influencer

“Where did you get the money from?”, DSDS chief juror Dieter Bohlen (that’s why he always wears Camp David) wants to know immediately when Nadine mentions that she owns her own boutique. The 27-year-old tells about her Career as an influencer. The blonde lived with her sister in Dubai for two years and tested various hotels. Her Instagram followers were able to accompany the sisters on their travels. “We made a lot of money there,” laughs Nadine. She later invested this money in her boutique in her home country Landshut.

Incidentally, Nadine (alias sistersaroundtheworld) has 12,000 followers on Instagram – relatively few.

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Maite Kelly had hoped for a little more from Nadine’s appearance.


But now the blonde beauty wants to start a new chapter and fulfill a long-cherished dream: The DSDS candidate (all broadcast dates at a glance) wants to become a singer. The jury already seems enthusiastic about their appearance and charisma – now she just has to convince with her singing.

DSDS candidate Nadine wants to become a singer – can she convince the jury?

Even as a child, Nadine often sang at weddings – now she wants to make music her job. She performs the song “Came here for love” by Sigala & Ella Eyre with full conviction. But suddenly the mood of the jury changes. Maite Kelly (41) grimaces, almost pained. Nadine also torments TV viewers with a broken voice and crooked tones. Mike Singer can’t help but grin and tries to bridge the gap by dancing. Maite Kelly also joins. But her face reveals what she really thinks of the DSDS candidate.

Nadine is visibly disappointed – she gets four “no” times


Nadine is allowed to sing for a full minute while the audience waits for Dieter Bohlen to give her a hand signal. And finally redemption comes. Mike Singer summarizes the situation as follows: “You can not sing! ”And the newcomer to the jury even goes one step further. “It seems to me as if you were here to get a little attention,” suspects the DSDS juror. Does Nadine only want to attract more people to her Instagram profile?

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But the DSDS candidate does not want to admit it. “I can sing and I know it. I’m just very nervous, ”Nadine is sure. The many cameras and lights would have unsettled the 27-year-old. But with four times “no” there is not much to discuss for the blonde. Maite Kelly even advises the influencer to go back to Dubai.

Headline image: © TVNOW

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