DSDS barbie shocks with Instagram post, but was that just the beginning?

The ex-DSDS candidate Leoni from Pinneberg was a victim of domestic violence years ago. She worried her fans last week with a photo from the time.

Hamburg – Only a few days ago, the former DSDS candidate Leoni (22) worried her fans with a photo Instagramwhich shows her crying and with severe puffiness on her face.

Ex-DSDS candidate Leoni (22) published a shocking photo on Instagram. © Screenshot Instagram / leoni.g.369

The 22-year-old declared that she had been a victim of domestic violence.

The picture is already three years old. At the time, she was beaten almost every week by a violent partner, she said. “This person was a funny, open and NOT violent person at the beginning,” said Leoni. “Only after months did he show his true colors.” He hit her, pushed her off the balcony and kicked her down the stairs.

Only after much too long was Leoni able to detach himself emotionally from the person. Today she is certain: Her partner at the time was a narcissist, he manipulated her so that she stayed with him.

But Leoni finally made the jump, regained her self-esteem and met a new partner.

Only now did she have the courage to speak publicly about this bad time.

Leoni reports to her fans about further plans.

Leoni reports to her fans about further plans. © Screenshot Instagram / leoni.g.369

The reactions from her community were not long in coming: After her Instagram post, Leoni was now totally overwhelmed by all the positive news.

It has finally become clear to her how important it is to speak openly about taboo topics, said the 22-year-old. “That was just the beginning of everything, I have a feeling. Because: I am sure I still have hundreds of stories in store”, Leoni explains in a story.

There are so many things that people keep silent about too much. You have now resolved to address other topics soon. She could even imagine writing a book.

Leoni would like to thank her community for their trust and great support. “I’m very proud of you all out there!” Emphasizes the blonde from Pinneberg.

So far, Leoni, who had voluntarily dropped out at the DSDS recall last year, caused a sensation with headlines about her beauty interventions.

Because the beautician has the habit of spraying her lips on her own hand and in front of the smartphone camera (TAG24 reported).

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