Drug trafficking dismantled in Lucé and Chartres: more than € 61,000 in cash seized and € 90,000 frozen in bank accounts

Two Lucéens, 31 and 33 years old, were indicted for drug trafficking, Monday, November 23, and placed in pre-trial detention. And the companion of one of the suspects was placed under judicial control.

The genesis of this crackdown dates back to November 19. That day, a foul odor escapes from a building on rue Eugène-Massebeau in Lucé. Residents report it to the municipal police who alert the national police.

Money in the freezer

The anti-drug dog (and which detects the tickets) stops in front of an apartment on the 1st floor of the building. Inside, a couple, the occupants of the apartment, a passing person and cannabis branches, drying on washing lines. The public prosecutor, Rémi Coutin, details the results of the search: “Sachets of seeds and liquid fertilizer in the refrigerator, a tent equipped with an irrigation system, heating and ventilation of the odors towards window, and eight earthenware pots containing 1.5-meter cannabis plants. And in other rooms, another grow tent with eight cannabis plants. “

The police dog discovers, in a visitor’s Fiat Bravo, a Lucéen, cannabis hidden under the gear lever, and the remote control of a garage. While looking, the narcotics brigade discovered the place of box located rue du Général-Patton, in Chartres.

The next day, the police raided the box. They discover there: 458 g of cocaine, 2.3 kg of cannabis resin, 2.5 kg of cannabis herb and € 61,050 in cash, in a freezer, in a bundle of 1,000 euros.


The apartment of this Lucéen, rue Georges-Varlet, in Lucé, contains drugs. Police seize 23 pots with cannabis plants and three weapons, a 22 caliber long rifle handgun, a 22 caliber long rifle Winchester and a 16 caliber shotgun, ammunition, two catanas
(Japanese sword, editor’s note), a cutter, 790 g of cannabis herb, 104 g of cocaine, 9 g of crack, 13 g of esctasy and 290 g of cannabis resin and 3,640 € in liquid.

The prosecutor states: “The owner of the Fiat Bravo allegedly teamed up with the other Lucéen to sell the drugs from their crops.” »

Frozen bank accounts

If the couple does not have a criminal record, the owner of the Fiat of the trio is known to the courts: “He was sentenced in Chartres, in 2009, for drug trafficking and sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence, and in 2014, for driving under the influence of an alcoholic state. “

The Narcotics Squad discovered € 90,000 in nine bank accounts belonging to the suspects. These accounts were immediately frozen. A judicial investigation was opened in order to determine, in particular the extent of the network and the places of supply of the other drugs discovered in search.

Growing indoor culture

The director of the public security department, the general commissioner Mathieu Bernier, specifies: “These sums are incompatible with the resources, the couple lives on social minima. The other man is a worker. “
According to him, indoor cultivation is developing because “with a minimal investment, you can quickly obtain significant profits. It is not only Dreux where drugs proliferate. Cocaine is also a scourge with Guyanese mules. Bordering departments are affected by this phenomenon ”.

The commissioner general is also considering a new organization of his narcotics squad to fight even more effectively against trafficking: “Before, we had the supply side, the trafficker, we now have, with the fixed fine in force. place this fall, the possibility of sanctioning the plaintiff, on the ground, ie the consumer. “

The boss of the Eurelian police officers insisted on the responsiveness of the police officers, and residents who reported the suspicious smells: “Safety is everyone’s business.”

According to the commissioner of Chartres, Matthieu Thibault, the dismantling of this network is not a surprise: “We carry out harassment actions, day and night, on the ground, which are both repressive and dissuasive. We also act on reports of residents who are disturbed by this traffic. “

In Chartres, two prisoners convicted of mutiny, a third acquitted

Thierry delaunay


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