Drowsiness during the day is a departure from life

Drowsiness during the day is a departure from life

‘Nan pagal nerth mayakam’ is the true state of the Thirukural verse that sleep is death and wakefulness is birth.

A night of sleeping as ‘James’, waking up as ‘Beauty’, sleeping as ‘Beauty’ and waking up as James again. Don’t take the meaning that we usually take for time here. It is a departure from life. Time is passing.

A Christian from South Kerala wakes up to become a strange man in a strange village in Tamil Nadu, in his clothes, posture, posture, and mannerisms.

No wonder really. The human mind is a bad spell that does this and beyond!.

Places, alleys and people that have not been seen before often come to life with familiarity. It also goes down. When you go to a certain place for the first time, you feel like you have lived there for ages, and you feel a strong bond with some people you meet for the first time.

Déjà Vu – None of the psychological definitions of déjà vu make sense to me. That’s another matter. In any case, many times we wake up wondering whether the mind is a conception of man, or whether man is a conception of the mind. Especially when I was a child, I forgot about places and times and behaved completely personally as if I were something else or someone else. Those who have had at least one such experience will definitely find this movie experience to be a bit more personal.

Vaga (sleep), Irap (death), Muzhip (awakening), Pirap (birth), and the intervening nyapaka (memory) and nyapakamaravi (absence of memory). A ‘good afternoon nap’ is plenty for everything.

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