Drowned in the river. In the Central African Republic, a helicopter crashed with “Wagnerians” (video)

Local fishermen rushed to rescue the surviving mercenaries, who put them on their boats and landed on land.

In the city of Bangui, Central African Republic, a Russian helicopter with mercenaries from the Wagner PMC fell. About it informs Corbeau News Central Africa.

It is reported that on November 22, at about 9:00 local time, a helicopter with Wagnerians fell into the Ubanga River. Two crew members were injured, one with a head injury and the other with a leg injury. The helicopter itself sank in the water.

As it became known later, the helicopter was in poor technical condition. The pilot noticed this already a couple of minutes after the flight. The crew decided to send the helicopter into the river in order not to get into the building. However, the General Staff of the Central African Republic claims that bad weather conditions were the cause of the accident.

Two mercenaries were rescued by fishermen, who put the “Wagnerians” on board and landed on the shore.

In Russia, the crash of the aircraft with the mercenaries was not commented on.

Recall 1,135 Russian mercenaries from PMC “Wagner” are in CAR… They act there as instructors for the national army, helping them plan operations, teaching tactics and organizing logistics.

Previously Focus reported that on October 2 Russian Wagner mercenaries ambushed… During the battle, local militants managed to kill two mercenaries, two more were wounded.



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