Dropout Diederik Jekel reveals all the secrets about Masked Singer

RTL Boulevard expert Diederik has been the absolute surprise in the new season of The Masked Singer. For a long time he managed to hide his identity, but last night he really had to take off his mask. After his participation, he joined panel member Buddy Vedder Jinek to talk about the program. For example, he lets you know that the program is really not a rigged card.

“This is a kind of military operation behind the scenes and you are led in a blinded car”, Eva begins. Diederik: “Behind the scenes you sit with a helmet and a sweater. Sometimes you rehearse like that, because the suit is too heavy. But anonymous and with the text: I am not allowed to talk. Everyone around you must take that into account. to hold.”

“The director of the program does not know who is in the suits”, Buddy adds. “There are two or three people in production who know.” During the recordings, the candidates can remove their masks in a screened-off room, so that they know who the perky panther is or who has crawled into the suit of the zebra, for example.

Eva doesn’t believe her ears. “So in your brain are all the other candidates?” The interest of Estavana Polman has also been aroused by this. “Tell me…?”

Our own Aran Bade also decided to take a look behind the scenes of the program. Gerard Joling shows him around in the video below.

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