Dropbox unveils new Tools for the support of the working and private life

Today, Dropbox has introduced several new Features. Because Dropbox wants to help people stay organized at home and at work – so can focus the user on the Essentials.

New functionalities for the home

Dropbox is expanding its Dropbox Plus offer new features, thanks to which users of the essential aspects of your life to better organize.

Dropbox Passwords After the Acquisition of Valt in the past year, Dropbox allows its users in the future, a straightforward connection to websites and Apps, by everyone save his passwords with Zero-Knowledge encryption on all of their devices and can synchronize.

Dropbox Vault This new Feature provides a data vault that allows users of your most important documents in a safe place and can organise. In addition, users of certain friends or family members can grant a special access – they can access in the event of a Case on the vault. Dropbox Vault thanks to its 6-digit PIN, an additional level of security, the the convincing Security features Dropbox further added.

Computer Backup Thanks to this feature, the folders on the Mac or the PC will be backed up automatically in Dropbox, so the files are on-the-go available and accessible at any time – even if the Hardware crash or lost.

All of these Features are available for new Dropbox users can now available in the beta version available on mobile devices, for current Dropbox users are available, the Features in the coming weeks. The Computer Backup is now also for Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Professional users available.

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Dropbox announces also Dropbox Family to a new Dropbox subscription, that brings up to six users with separate accounts. With this subscription, families will receive a common digital area, for example family photos and important family documents can be shared. In addition to all of Dropbox Plus features each member has a private area to Store files. The billing is straightforward and uniform. For Dropbox users Dropbox Family will be available in the coming weeks – for all other users in the course of the year.

New functionality for professional use

Dropbox also introduces new Features and Workflows to better support virtual Teams.

eSignatures from HelloSign are now integrated directly into Dropbox the common used value of HelloSign and Dropbox completely. This integrated user experience is, in the best sense unique and makes HelloSign Dropbox to favorite solution for electronic signatures. With this new Workflow, users can send their most important contracts and sign and save, without leaving Dropbox for this. This function will be provided in the coming weeks in a private beta version, and in the course of the next month for all users to be available.

With the App Center from Dropbox users get a Central place to discover industry-leading Tools from Dropbox – partners – as, for example, Zoom, Slack, or Google and can link. The App Center is now a part of the group of users in the beta version with over 40 integrated partners – more partners will follow soon.

“The boundaries between work and home is increasingly blurred, and our attention is directed in different directions,” says Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox. “So we are working on new Features that will allow our users to organize all aspects of your life better, in order to concentrate on the Essentials – for example, on their health and their families.”

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“According to an IDC study, 31% of the employees in the fear of lower productivity Home office“ the IDC analyst Holly Muscolino, Vice President of Research in the areas of Content strategies and the future of work. “A recent survey shows that 70 % of companies want to invest in the next 12 months in collaboration tools and closer cooperation in order to facilitate employees working from home. With today’s announcement, Dropbox creates a unique workspace that helps users to better organize and stay productive – whether in the office or at home.“

Our private and professional life is becoming increasingly complicated. With a Central platform, which supports the organization of these two areas, can Dropbox to divide users use their time better and so on the important things of life focus.


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