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The upcoming challenges, awards and elections are the topics of the district meeting of the German Red Cross.

(BZ). In the Europa-Park stadium in Freiburg, the chairman of the supervisory board, Jürgen Lambert, recently welcomed around 130 delegates from local clubs and the district association to the district assembly of the German Red Cross.

Current topics

“Particularly due to the thinning of the care of the family doctor and the hospital landscape, as well as the inadequate quality of the organization of the medical service, the emergency services are increasingly alerted for operations that are not medical emergencies”, he stressed. CEO Jochen Hilpert, according to a press release. A solution must be found here. The increase in blood donations is encouraging. Compared to the previous year, willingness to donate increased by 15% in 2021 to 8824 units of whole blood.

The DRK has been supporting the work of Ukrainian partners in the Lviv area for over 20 years, as reported by Udo Pfistner. In Ternopil, a city the size of Freiburg, the focus of the Red Cross’s work is currently assisting 40,000 internally displaced persons. The district association of the DRK supports with the transport of aid, medical equipment and financial means. “Fear and overload can be seen in the faces of colleagues,” Pfistner says.
According to the DRK, the last year has been marked by the crown pandemic, flooding in the Ahr Valley, assisting Ukrainian refugee children, and the introduction of the Freiburg cold bus for the homeless. Furthermore, the great importance of the DRK training center in relation to the shortage of skilled labor was underlined.

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Josef Hügele leaves the supervisory board after 36 years. As a farewell, he was made an honorary member of the district association and received the Order of Humiroir for his services from the regional association from President Jochen Glaeser.


Philipp Zentgraf was elected as the new deputy chairman of the supervisory board. The district assembly elected the mayor of Stegen, Fränzi Kleeb, as the new councilor. Claudia Wehinger-Schöpperle was confirmed by the district assembly as the new head of social volunteering. For more than 20 years, until her retirement, she led socio-educational support for the family in the district association of the DRK in Freiburg. Alexander Wex passed his position as chair of the Voluntary Service Committee to Florian Schrenk. Katja Kaiser will represent the Youth Red Cross in the future and thus follows Florian Rebling.

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