“Driver with Psychiatric Problems Arrested After Crashing Car at Vatican Gate with No Casualties”

A car crashed through one of the gates of the Vatican last night and its driver was arrested, DPA reported, citing a statement from the Holy See. There were no casualties and no one was injured.

The car reached the eastern entrance gate of Santa Ana and then at high speed the car passed through the two control barriers of the Papal Swiss Guard and the Vatican Gendarmerie Corps, the statement said.

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At first the car approached and was diverted by the papal guard, but after a maneuver the car returned, heading again towards the Vatican.

In an attempt to stop the vehicle, a security guard fired his pistol at its front tires. Although he hit the left front fender, the car continued to move forward, writes BTA.

Photo: BTA

The car entered the interior behind the gate, reaching the central courtyard of the Vatican Apostolic Palace. Once there, the driver suddenly got out of the car and was arrested, the statement said.

Photo: BTA

The man, believed to be in his 40s, was immediately seen by a doctor. He found that the driver had psychiatric problems.

According to the Holy See’s statement, the man is now being held in the barracks of the Gendarmerie Corps of the Vatican.

Photo: BTA

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