Driver and companion caught with blood alcohol level double the limit while having children seated on their laps

HERE THEY WERE STOPPED: At 19.40 on Saturday, the police patrol stopped the car on Soknedalsveien in Hønefoss.

Both the driver and the female roommate had a blood alcohol level of over two. The woman had a small child on her lap.


On Saturday evening around 19.40, a police patrol in Hønefoss stopped a vehicle in Soknedalsveien after receiving a report of a car that had run into another vehicle.

– The driver appeared very drunk to the police, says operations manager Trond Egil Groth.

A breathalyzer test was carried out, and the male driver blew two over the blood alcohol limit.

– In the passenger seat sat a lady who also blew to two in the alcohol limit. On her lap sat a small child.

BROUGHT IN: The family was taken to Hønefoss police station.

The parents and two minor children were taken to the police station. The driver is reported and taken in for evidence protection, according to the police.

– It is a very special case. The children sat and cried, says the operations manager.

– It is a hair-raising and sad episode. It’s a miracle no one was hurt. That people can lose their judgment so completely is completely unfathomable, says Groth.

The child welfare service assists with further follow-up of mother and child.


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