Drinks that Cause Anxiety: What to Avoid for a Calmer Mind

07:50 PM Tuesday 19 September 2023

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Your constant feeling of anxiety may be the result of your favorite drink, because there are drinks that have been proven to increase tension, nervousness, and agitation.

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In the following lines, Al-Consulto reviews drinks that cause anxiety, according to WebMD.

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Drinks that cause anxiety

1- Juices

It is better to eat fresh fruits, because juices lack dietary fiber that maintains the body’s energy, and they also contain a high concentration of sugars, which cause lethargy after a short period of consumption, leading to feelings of exhaustion and hunger, and then anxiety and depression.

2- Soft drinks

Soft drinks have negative effects on mental health, as they lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, due to their high sugar content.

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3- Diet soda

The effect of diet soda on mental health is no different from soft drinks, because the sweeteners added to it cause the same damage to the mood as white sugar, as they cause feelings of anxiety and tension.

4- Coffee

If you are not accustomed to coffee, and feel anxious after drinking it for the first time, you should stay away from it, because its high caffeine content may cause stress and depression for some people.

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5- Energy drinks

Energy drinks increase feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression, because they contain a high percentage of sugars and caffeine.

6- Alcohols

The state of euphoria that follows consuming alcoholic beverages quickly ends after a short period, leaving the person feeling anxious, stressed, and depressed.

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