Drinking Sugary Beverages May Lead to Hair Loss in Men: Study Finds More Than 6 Cups a Week Can Damage Hair Follicles

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Frequent drinking of “sugar-sweetened beverages” such as cola, hand-cranked cups, and fruit juices will not only easily lead to obesity, chronic diseases, but may even affect male hair growth? The latest research in “Nutrients” indicates that frequent consumption of sugary drinks may be related to the common “male pattern hair loss” (Male Pattern Hair Loss, MPHL) in men, especially in young men around the age of 30.

Drinking sugary drinks may lead to hair loss in men!Study: More than 6 cups a week can damage hair follicles

The research team of Tsinghua University in China recruited 1028 Chinese males for the experiment. Most of the subjects were college students and teachers, with an average age of 27.8. The subjects were required to complete assessment scales on demographics, hair health status, dietary patterns, lifestyle, and psychological state; and fill out related questionnaires on intake of sugary drinks, such as fruit juice, energy drinks, sports drinks, sweetened milk, etc. products, coffee and tea.

Overall, more than half (57.6%) of the subjects had male pattern baldness, and the study found that the subjects’ hair loss was related to the following reasons:

1. Increasing age.

2. Smokers or those with a history of smoking.

3. Low educational level.

4. Less exercise.

5. Sleep less.

6. Suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

7. Have a family history of male pattern hair loss.

8. The hair has been dyed, permed, bleached or ionized, etc.

The study further found that subjects with male pattern baldness ate more fried foods, high-sugar foods, sweets, and ice cream and less vegetables than those without the condition. People with hair loss consume an average of 4.3 liters of sugar-sweetened beverages per week, which is equivalent to 6 large cups of hand-shake drinks; while those without hair loss only consume 2.5 liters, about 3 cups of large cups of hand-shake drinks. The former consumes almost as much as the latter 2 times.

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Is hair loss in men more common than it was a decade ago? Depression, anxiety, and dietary changes are the main causes?

Study author Dr. Ai Zhao, an assistant professor at Tsinghua University School of Public Health in China, noted that male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss in men, affecting about 30-50% of men in China. Compared with 21.3% in 2010, about 27.5% of Chinese men will suffer from hair loss in 2021, and the increasingly refined food culture may be a major culprit.

Zhao Ai explained that the possible cause of hair loss caused by drinking sugary drinks is related to changes in the “polyol” pathway in the body. She believes that sugary drinks can easily affect the glucose metabolism of hair follicle stem cells, which can lead to male pattern hair loss. A diet high in sugar, often accompanied by a high fat intake, has also been linked to hair loss.

Zhao Ai added that previous studies have shown that high sugar intake is related to mental health problems. For example, a meta-analysis found that adult men who drank 3 cans of Coke a day had a 25% higher risk of developing depression than those who did not drink sugary drinks. %; Mental health problems often lead to male hormone imbalance, which in turn affects hair growth.

Will the diagnosis of the new crown lead to “no hair on the top”?Intensive care doctor: 3 most common types of baldness

Not only does frequent consumption of sugary drinks have a risk of hair loss, but if people are diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, they also have to be careful of increased hair loss? Dr. Huang Xuan, an expert in intensive care medicine, previously pointed out in a social post that many studies on new coronary pneumonia have found that after certain confirmed patients are infected with the virus, hair loss of varying degrees of severity occurs. A study published in the American Academy of Dermatology showed that after analyzing the hair loss of 1,826 diagnosed patients, it was found that the three most common types of baldness in the diagnosed patients are as follows:

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1. Androgenetic alopecia: 30.7% (male-dominated, 86.4%)

2. Stress baldness (telegenic effluvium): 19.8% (female mainly, 80.7%)

3. Alopecia areata: 7.8% (female predominant, 60%)

The researchers further studied and found that male baldness will start to appear “before the epidemic”; stress baldness is more common after “the epidemic”. Patients with chronic diseases themselves are more likely to have alopecia areata. As for when did you start losing your hair after getting infected? Dr. Huang Xuan explained that according to the existing research data, about 77% of patients will lose their hair 30 days after infection, and 15% will lose their hair within 30-60 days. Each study is slightly different, but most likely fall within 1-3 months.

The degree of hair loss after infection may also be reflected in gender differences. According to Dr. Huang Xuan, according to research, moderate to severe hair loss obviously occurs in women (about 54%), but only 9% in men. Domestic research on hair loss after COVID-19 infection found that the ratio of male to female hair loss is 1:3, which means that women may be more prone to hair loss after infection than men.

Dr. Huang Xuan also said that people infected with the epidemic need not worry too much. Hair loss symptoms after infection may be caused by excessive psychological pressure. Most hair loss or hair loss will stop within 3-6 months, and the hair volume will gradually recover. . Therefore, in view of hair loss after infection, it is recommended to adjust personal life and rest according to the guidelines announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and do not panic excessively and put the body and mind under excessive pressure.

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