Drilling 9 Wells, Pertamina’s Subsidiary Boosts Oil & Gas Production


PT Pertamina (EP) will boost its performance in 2023. Pertamina’s upstream subholding subsidiary targets oil production in 2023 of 71,644 Barrel Oil Per Day (BPOD). In addition, the gas production target is 846.76 Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day (MMSCFD).

Then, the lifting target for oil is 70,790 BOPD and gas is 610.49 MMSCFD.

Main Director of PT Pertamina (EP) as well as Director of Java Regional Upstream Subholding, Wisnu Hindadari said, a number of efforts were made by the company to achieve this target.

“To achieve this, we are drilling 9 exploratory wells,” he said at the Gathering of the National Media Editors’ Leaders, in Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2/2023).

In addition, his party made efforts such as work over 180 wells and well service of 2,806 wells.

The oil production target set by Pertamina EP is higher than the realization in 2022. Last year, Pertamina EP’s oil production was recorded at 70,170 BOP.

Meanwhile, the gas production target in 2023 is slightly lower than the previous year’s realization of 848.93 MMSCFD.

“So in total what we will get in 2022 is 70,170 barrels of oil per day with 848 MMSCFD of gas,” he said.


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