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Meissen (Saxony) – 18 months imprisonment on probation and 2,500 euros in compensation for his sister – that is the verdict against carpenter Robert B. (36) from Wilsdruff.

In court, he could not or did not want to remember the incredible attack at Christmas, but his sister Jaqueline B. (40, daycare cook) all the more.

“My brother wanted sex from me, tried to rape me,” said the Meissner on Tuesday at the District Court of Dresden.

Jaqueline B. (40) testified against her brother in court

Photo: Olaf Rentsch

Her brother and mother Cathrin G. (59) were invited to her coffee on December 27, 2020. “My two children were away from home. Robert was weird, first tearful then short-tempered, he was obviously drunk,” she says.

The big sister reports that her brother has no luck with women, last had a girlfriend three years ago. “First he complimented me, then he got insistent, grabbed under my dress, tried to take off my leggings, had his hands on my bra and panties,” says Jaqueline B.

Mother is silent about the fact

She fled first into the kitchen, then into the bedroom, he constantly demanded sex. “My mother didn’t intervene, I had to ask her several times to call the police,” said the accused’s sister.

When the police come into the apartment, they have to tear the brother away from the sister, he insults the police officers. She arrested the brother, he landed for just under one month in custody.

And the mother is also silent about the action. “Shortly before the trial, my brother begged me not to testify and even offered me money. My family is broken. My mum doesn’t even want to testify against him despite being there, so I’m told to stop whining instead.”

Robert B. claimed in court that he didn’t remember anything. At the time of the crime he had a blood alcohol content of almost three, according to the psychiatrist a significantly reduced ability to control.

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