Dreaming of returning to the martial arts of Shangyang Guofeng “Shangyang Fu” real licensed mobile game testing started today

Dreaming of returning to Shangyang, fighting for a life of fame, the Guofeng martial arts official authorized mobile game “Shangyang Fu” starts testing today! The struggle for power and position, the changes in the court, a game of power, a story of first marriage and then love to protect the country, the mobile game “Shangyang Fu” will bring you to relive the excitement in the game! The emperor’s hegemony journey has started again, would you like to influence your pride and ambition here? The officially authorized mobile game “Shangyang Fu” starts beta testing today, looking forward to meeting you in this arena!

  [正版授权 梦回上阳]

The officially licensed mobile game “Shangyang Fu” officially started testing today. The new generation of martial arts MMORPG takes you back to the long history of the Northern and Southern dynasties. When a picture roll full of strong sense of history is rendered in front of you, when a family game The imperial road of pride and of national ambition stretches before you. If you have great ambitions and indomitable advances, you will surely have a place in this imperial career!

  [国风武侠 厚重历史]

The power and the palace change, everything is a portrait of human nature, “Shangyang Fu” exhibits the visual feast of the original IP work with a unique aesthetic style that is unique for the times. The extravagance of the imperial city, the cruelty of the border; justice and darkness, heaven and hell; the beautiful scenes with distinctive styles in the original IP drama are restored to the game one by one, presenting one by one magnificent and refreshing visuals, which makes people feel immersive Immerse yourself in it, as if you are in the emperor’s great cause, and dedicate the your blood to battle in this world!

  [远攻近战 随心切换]

She and golden branches and jade leaves are not inferior to men; Women can also become emperors and lords, and they can have power over the world even if they were born with a cold stomach! The real authorized mobile game “Shangyang Fu” ignores professional constraints, whether you are reckless or the son of an official family, you can speak with your strength! During the war, you can switch weapons at any time to match the battle scene, ranged attack and close combat, switch freely, master duel, victory or defeat is just in an instant!

  [全服竞技 荣耀争夺]

The emperor’s hegemony will surely flow in rivers of blood, and the promotion of officials and titles will make smooth progress on the road to Qingyun! The real licensed mobile game “Shangyang Fu” opens the emperor’s high-ranking full server competition, and there is only one person who can aspire to the ultimate glory! In order to restore the battle for power and position in the game, the game organizes full-server competitive activities, using the official titles in the game as a showdown, successful finalists can be promoted to official positions, until there will be more the throne of God! The conquest of the world will not be peaceful, the decisive battle of the Forbidden City will cover the corpses, who will fight for the emperor’s throne!

Guofeng martial arts, authentic clearance, the mobile game “Shangyang Fu” has now opened a limited fee test. Here you can advance and retreat with the original characters, rescue Wang Xuan, fend off He Lanzhen, and help Xiao Qi protect the city. .. You will integrate into the story, become the person who promotes the story, influence the progress of the journey of hegemony, so immersive game experience, the fun of movie and game 1 + 1> 2 linkage, this is the ” Shangyang Fu “Mobile game!

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