Dream Monique is ‘living together’ with Roxeanne

Monique Westenberg and sister-in-law Roxeanne Hazes have exactly the same future dream. Monique let this know on her Instagram. The sisters are so fond of each other that Monique likes to live together …

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Roxeanne’s wish

It’s Saturday and Roxeanne Hazes has her so-called ‘Q&A’ ​​day (questions & answers). Her followers can submit all kinds of questions and Rox chooses which ones she answers on her Instagram. One of them is: “What are your goals between now and 5 years?” The singer replies: “I hope that within 5 years (10 may also) we can buy our own farm.” Rox knows in great detail: “Preferably around here. Friesian horses, alpacas, goats, chickens. Not a new building, but characteristic, old and preferably of an old farmer, who does not realize that he could have asked for much more ”, says Dré’s daughter.

Monique’s wish

Meanwhile, Monique secretly reads along with the answers and to her horror she sees that her sister-in-law has exactly the same wish as her. This must be shared on Instagram. “Shall we turn this into a double farm? This is also SO my future dream ”Monique writes with a screenshot of Roxeanne’s answer.

André’s girlfriend is just missing something… “But then also a donkey!” she adds.


The families have been together for several months now. The nephews Fender (from Roxeanne) and André junior (from Monique) also get along very well. And they live happily ever after… So far.

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