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Entertainment China News January 14, directed by the famous Dutch director Maria Peters, Cristiana? 6? 4 De? 6? 4 Boon, Benjamin Wainwright, Scott Turner The inspirational love movie “The Conductor” starring Field released a second trailer today, showing the emotional world of the heroine. The film is adapted from the real experience of the greatest female conductor in history, Antonia Bu? 9?7 grams. It tells the story of the heroine who loves music bravely chasing dreams and encounters against the background of the unequal status of men and women in the 1920s. Love eventually became the story of a female conductor.

Dream and love meet on a narrow road, female conductor faces a dilemma

As can be seen from the second trailer released, “The Conductor” tells the story of Antonia Bu? 9? 7g, a female from the bottom who has experienced ups and downs in the male-dominated music world and is on the road to chasing her music dream. Encountering true love, the two became acquainted with music, but they also drifted away because of music. In the end, Antonia made a difficult choice between dreams and love, and finally became the story of the first female conductor in history.

In an era when patriarchy prevailed, women always had to make choices in career and love, and they could not have both a fish and a bear’s paw like men. The story between Antonia and the heroine is full of drama. The two go from tit-for-tat to hard to separate. However, when the emotions are strongest, the heroine embarks on the road to school for the dream of music. The hero wants the heroine to stay for love, but the heroine can’t let go of her favorite music dream. What choice will she make? Can the hero always understand and support her? Where will the fate of the two go? All answers will be revealed in “The Conductor” to be released on January 22.

2021’s first word-of-mouth quality movie, women’s dream journey is lonely and hard

The film “The Conductor” is adapted from the real experience of Antonia Brick, the first female conductor in history. It tells the story of a Dutch girl who immigrated to the United States through hardships, through her own efforts, from a concert hall attendant to a symphony orchestra conductor. And established the story of the world‘s first women’s orchestra. The plot of the film is ups and downs, fascinating, and the world symphony songs interspersed with the plot are pleasing to the ear, which plays an excellent role in setting off the atmosphere of the film. The line of love between Antonia and the male protagonist enriches the dramatic conflicts of the film and greatly enhances the film’s viewing and artistry.

This is an excellent female film, but also an inspiring and inspirational film. It has greatly inspired all those who pursue their dreams. The portrayal of women’s career and love can’t be balanced is very realistic, which arouses strong resonance among modern female audiences. The film Douban scores as high as 8.0, and five-star ratings are endless. It is a veritable high-quality word-of-mouth movie!

The movie “Conductor” was imported by China Film Group Corporation and released by China Film Distribution Co., Ltd. It will be officially released in China on January 22. It will give you warmth and strength this winter!


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