“Dramatic decision”, “disproportionate”, “not indefinitely sustainable”: hammer blow for culture and events sector

Joost Maegerman, intendant of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, also has a determined will to continue, even if this is necessary for a much smaller audience. “This is a shame, and certainly the fact that these rules take effect immediately: that presents us with major challenges. But we are going to do everything we can to make music sound. We could easily put 200 visitors on the balcony, and again. 200 people down in the hall. Those groups would then be 40 meters apart. Anyway, it is not allowed, so we are in solidarity with the rest of our sector. “

Maegerman does not give up: tonight’s planned concert will be doubled. “We will contact all ticket holders. Our musicians are very happy and ready to play. We are going to limit ourselves to twice 200 people: that means that not all ticket holders can come to the shows. We have to make that choice now.”

Although the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra will continue to play, they would rather have done it for a larger audience. “We have the largest classical concert hall in Flanders, with a modern ventilation system and a capacity of 2,000 people: here you might be able to come to a performance with two people more safely than if you were to receive those people at home. This decision is out of proportion. “

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