Drama! Prince Harry is looking for a surrogate mother, Megan cannot conceive

In some American media there were allegations that the royal family of Great Britain is about to increase by another member, writes woman.bg

According to the publication, Megan Markle and Prince Harry have long wanted a third child and even considered resorting to the services of a surrogate mother, as the Duchess of Sussex was having trouble conceiving.

According to gossip, the two have already decided how to name the baby if it is a boy, and the name would be in honor of Harry’s father and brother – Prince Charles and Prince William. This would be another provocation to the royal family and an attempt to get closer to them.

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The news comes as quite a surprise after the Sussex family officially announced that they do not plan to have a third child due to the overpopulation of our planet. Megan and Harry became parents for the second time last summer when their daughter Lilibet was born.

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