Drama in a crèche in Lyon: a childcare worker admits to having poisoned an 11-month-old baby – Le Journal du weekend

After two days in police custody, the employee, suspected of having deliberately killed an eleven-month-old girl in a crèche in the third arrondissement of Lyon, confessed. She admits to the investigators having poisoned the infant. “Placed before several elements of the investigation, the latter recognized that, overwhelmed by the crying of the child, she had sprinkled him then had him ingest a caustic product” affirmed Nicolas Jacquet, public prosecutor of Lyon. The Lyon prosecutor’s office first favored the accidental track. From now on, an investigation is opened for voluntary homicide on minor of fifteen years. “He will have hearings, a neighborhood survey at the level of the family, the family circle, the circle of friends. That is to say, everything that affects the environment of the person. It’s really a painstaking work that the investigators will put in place”, explains Alain Barberis, departmental secretary of the Syndicat Alliance Police Naionale – Rhône. The employee of the crèche in question has no known criminal record. But the Lyon prosecutor’s office requests his placement in pre-trial detention. And psychological expertise and searches must now take place. TF1 | Report I. Bornacin, S. Agi

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