Drama befell Orlin Pavlov’s family on his birthday…

On January 22, Orlin Pavlov’s daughter turned four years old, but the celebration was postponed for two weeks due to an unforeseen and rather unpleasant situation.

Little Elizabeth and her parents were greatly disappointed by what had happened and that they would not be able to celebrate on the day of her birth, to account for this memorable date.

It turned out that Orlin’s daughter had chicken pox, too, and on her birthday. Because of this, they postponed the whole party and waited for the quarantine period to pass.

“Pox is in full swing, chicken pox is everywhere, and we had to postpone Elizabeth’s birthday party. We were a little disappointed at first because a few pimples broke out. We had to wait for the quarantine to pass and then celebrate her fourth birthday. She she was very happy, she was celebrating with many friends. She was wearing a very nice dress,” shared Orlin in Elizabeth Metodieva’s new column in “Na Kafe”.

Orlin did not hide that the little one is becoming more and more vain and chooses what to wear herself in the morning. But they managed to surprise her with the fabulous dress for her birthday and she fell in love with it at first sight.

“No way, she’s our princess after all,” smiles the proud papa.

On February 11 and 12, he has two love concerts coming up at the State Musical Theater in Sofia. “These are special performances called “Love story” – we will celebrate love and wine,” he says.

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