DRAM capacity expansion: Samsung cuts investments to raise prices

The forecast for 2021 is good, but Samsung plans to postpone some investments in order to increase DRAM prices. Because their pricing has seen, as already reported several times on TechAstuce, an increase and a decrease in 2020. With the result that the level of the end of 2019 has been reached again.

According to a Korean media report, Samsung will invest more carefully in expanding its capacity. Although more chips are expected to be produced than in 2020, some of the DRAM production lines will in the meantime also produce CMOS image sensors – a project often used to stabilize DRAM prices and avoid losses.

It remains to be seen what will happen when the most recent memory boom ends. Because suddenly, the analyzes do not seem as optimistic any more than a few weeks ago. The larger expected price increase from manufacturers could therefore still take some time. Because originally the prices were supposed to increase in 2020.

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