Draguignan: the city engages with CDC Habitat for the development and renovation of housing

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CDC Habitat, via its subsidiary CDC Habitat Adestia, and the city of Draguignan become partners, thus committing to bring out of the ground more than 500 social rental housing by 2029 and to accelerate the thermal renovation of more than 100 housing already managed by the SAIEM de Construction de Draguignan.

CDC Habitat Adestia also becomes a reference shareholder (40%) of SAIEM, providing it with funding of € 4.3 million to carry out this project. The towns of Draguignan, Cogolin and Le Muy remain the majority shareholders (51.2% between them) and decision-making will continue at the local level.

“Our approach to supporting local landlords implies respect for individual autonomy and long-term relationships of trust,” explains Pierre Fournon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Corsica interregional director of CDC Habitat. “In addition to funds, we will bring to Dracénie and SAIEM the experience of partnerships with many other donors and the management of more than 510,000 housing units in France”.

“With this partnership, the territory has a development tool up to the challenges”, estimates Richard Strambio, mayor of Draguignan and president of Dracenie Provence Verdon agglomeration. “The SAIEM de Construction de Draguignan has chosen CDC Habitat as a partner to strengthen and perpetuate its action because its membership of the Caisse des Dépôts group makes it an actor who shares the values ​​of the mixed economy: the sense of the general interest in regional development service, indicates Michel Ponte, president of SAIEM, municipal councilor of Draguignan. Joint positioning with CDC Habitat on certain operations has already been initiated ”.

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