Dragon Lord has been banned from YouTube: ban on fights amongst streamers

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Established: 08/18/2022 11:52

Von: Omer Kayali


Dragonlord has been banned from YouTube. But Rainer Winkler prepares to ban him from the canal. The streamer states, “I am not gone.”

Nuremberg – A person would feel that the tale of the “Dragon Lord” is previously rather degenerate. Right after the YouTuber frequently clashed with his “admirers”, he ended up in court docket. Last March, the Nuremberg-Fürth district court docket sentenced him to one year suspended sentence for a number of accidents. All this led him to go away his hometown of Emskirchen. Things have been a little quieter for him recently, but he just lately produced headlines as police were investigating the dragon lord primarily based on violence movies. And YouTube has now stepped in and blocked all Drachenlord accounts.

Initially identify: Rainer Winkler
phase title Dragon Lord
Day of start 2. August 1989
Delivery area Neustadt an der Aisch
Subscribe on YouTube 224.000 (Stand August 2022)

Dragon Lord has been banned from YouTube: the purpose is not nevertheless very clear

It is not apparent why the portal banned YouTuber. In a statement, Winkler states he is aware why, but he won’t elaborate. His account was deleted for the reason that he “a small error” they did, who is it “but not so undesirable that a little something comes about”. He would not believe his accounts will be permanently banned. “Severely, I’m not concerned. Even if the YouTube account is absent: I am nonetheless a long way from currently being defeated. […] I have multiple accounts. I have not gone I’m not likely both. “

Drachenlord needs to change to TikTok or Onlyfans if needed

“I have multiple accounts. I haven’t absent I’m not going possibly.”

If it gets to the level that her YouTube accounts are forever locked out, she sees other movie portals as solutions in its place. For case in point, she has more than 200,000 followers on TikTok. For him, other portals these as Onlyfans are also conceivable. But Twitch is possibly not an choice. Even though Drachenlord experienced an account there in the earlier, it is also banned.

Who is the Dragon Lord anyway?

Rainer Winkler, or “Dragon Lord”, is likely the most controversial YouTuber in Germany. © Dragon Lord YouTube Screenshot

Drachenlord is almost certainly the most controversial YouTuber in Germany. In his movies, she consistently teases viewers with provocative videos, which develop a hater group. The intent of this was to make the YouTuber’s existence complicated so that he would get rid of his temper – they contact it the “dragon recreation”. It even went so far that his “lovers” besieged his residence, which led to the arguments talked about at the commencing, for which Winkler at last had to response in courtroom in Nuremberg.

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