“Dragon Among Us 8” released combat system introduction: “New Dynamic Command RPG Combat” to a new level, 6 major evolutionary highlights are revealed | Game Base | LINE TODAY

“Dragon Among Us 8” released combat system introduction: “New Dynamic Command RPG Combat” to a new level, 6 major evolutionary highlights are revealed | Game Base | LINE TODAY

SEGA has released the details of “New Dynamic Command RPG Combat” that takes “Dragon Among Us 8” to a new level, giving you a glimpse of the 6 major evolutionary highlights that make this game more exciting and strategic.

“Dragon Among Us 8” is expected to be released on January 26, 2024 (Friday), and will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and PC (Steam) platforms.

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“Dragon Among Us 8” is a dramatic RPG, co-led by two protagonists – “Kasuga Ichiban”, a man who has once again turned around from the bottom, and “Kizuma Kiryu”, a man who has met the final challenge of life. It will stir up the series. The most wonderful story.

The battle in this game has been upgraded to a “new dynamic command RPG battle” with greatly increased strategic capabilities. Create the strongest team through the addition of new professions and rich customization and development elements!

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6 major evolutionary highlights of “New Dynamic Command RPG Combat”

The “New Dynamic Command RPG Combat” of this game is a combat system unique to the “Dragon Among Us” series, using turn-based combat that everyone can easily get started with. Players must make good use of the city and character situations that change at any time to create vivid and powerful actions that are both strategic and highly action-oriented. Players will be able to enjoy exciting battles with greatly increased freedom and excitement!

・Evolution Highlight 1: The character is movable!

In the battle of this game, players can freely move and operate the character within a certain distance. They can shorten the distance with the enemy to inflict a lot of damage, or move to their partners to launch a joint attack, which greatly improves the strategic nature of this game. .

When you move near a sign or bicycle, you can even pick it up and wield it as a weapon to kill your enemies. At the same time, this game also adds a variety of objects that can be picked up, such as objects that will explode when attacked, objects that will reveal different weapons when opened, and other special and highly strategic objects.

Remember to take advantage of the new element “movement” to lock the enemy’s weaknesses, and make good use of various objects to make the battle more advantageous.

・Evolution Highlight 2: Gather enemies and catch them all in one fell swoop!

This game has a variety of range attacks, from knocking down people in a straight line to kicking away enemies around you, all kinds of skills are available. Using a range attack at a place where enemies are densely packed can cause damage to a large number of enemies in one go. Find out where the enemy is and use appropriate moves to kill them all in one fell swoop!

・Evolution Highlight 3: “Flying Attack” is more powerful

In this game, the “knock-up attack” that can knock enemies back has become more powerful. After knocking the enemy into the air and causing it to hit objects such as walls, it can cause additional damage. If the enemy is knocked away and then hits a burning object or exploding gas barrel, it can cause a lot of damage again or cause it to fall into an abnormal state.

In addition, it can also cause the enemy to collide with the accomplices, causing them to suffer together. Remember to look at the location of enemies and obstacles when moving so that your flying attacks will be more effective.

・Evolution Highlight 4: Joint attacks with partners are more convenient

In battle, when you get close to a partner who has established a deep bond through many exchanges, you can use a powerful joint attack. When fighting powerful enemies, cooperation with your partners is crucial. Remember to actively deepen the bond with your partners and make use of joint attacks.

・Evolution Highlight 5: Precision Action Great Leap Forward

When using the special move “Extreme Skill”, press the button at the right time to use “Precision Action” to increase the damage. Not only will it increase the number of attacks, it can also change the attack direction to cause damage to multiple enemies, and the effect will be improved to a higher level.

・Evolution Highlight 6: Quick Combat System

When encountering an enemy that is much weaker than you, you can choose to perform a quick battle at the beginning of the battle to end the battle with one blow. Although the experience points available will be reduced, those who want to catch up on progress or get dropped props may wish to use this trick more often.

※The game play screens in this article are from the Japanese version under development. The official release version supports Traditional Chinese subtitles.

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