“Drag Race France” Set to Return for Season 2 with New Twists and Iconic Cast

France TV

France TV

The new season of “Drag Race France” is coming soon to France 2.

TV SERIES – Attention, motor… Dragction. One year after the crowning of Paloma, big winner of the first edition of Drag Race Francethe French adaptation of the biggest drag-queens competition is about to return to the airwaves of France Télévisions, as confirmed to us during a press conference on Thursday 1 June.

If the date of the first episode has not yet been given to us, it should however be broadcast around Saturday June 24, the day of the Parisian pride march.

No more box Saturday night after midnight. Each episode will be put online on the France.tv Slash platform exclusively, before being broadcast on France 2, this season, in the second part of the evening. The day chosen for this screen broadcast has not yet been decided by the teams.

Produced by Endemol and France Télévisions, the show remains faithful to its original program RuPaul’s Drag Race, which now has several dozen seasons and spin-offs in the United States. It presents itself as funny, creative and committed entertainment, concerned with defending the interests and diversity of French drag against a background of self-acceptance.

The goal of the game is the same: it is a competition during which drag queens compete in events combining singing, comedy, dancing and modeling. At the end of each episode, one of them is eliminated. The winner leaves with a crown and a scepter valued at several tens of thousands of euros. Bonus: makeup and a trip abroad.

A three-star cast

Same program this year, but new. Starting with the cast, which includes big names in French drag, like voguing star Keiona, the film’s headliner Three nights a week Cookie Kunty and comedic duo Rose and Punani, competing here against each other. Piche, a bearded drag queen seen in the Fantasma Erotica cabaret, is also in the game.

At their side, Ginger Bitch, a 44-year-old artist from Nice. Moon, proud to represent trans women, comes to us from Switzerland. They are joined by the very piquant Mami Watta, Vespi, Sara Forever and Kitty Space, the first French drag queen with Asian origins in Drag Race France.

The first episode is promising, as evidenced by the first “maxi-challenge”: creating together the anthem of the competition. And this, under the watchful eye of the two music professionals who joined the jury, already made up of Nicky Doll, Kiddy Smile and Daphne Bürki, for the time of this episode: the singers Nicola Sirkis (Indochine) and Christine and the Queens .

new trials

It’s also time to make the first claims on the screen through looks. A way for one of them to denounce the environmental impact of fast fashion, for others racism, the astronomical cost of dental treatments or the precariousness of drag queens.

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« Drag is hard work. When you ask for something, it’s not for nothingrecalled Keiona during the press conference on Thursday. As an artist, we ask to be paid at our fair value. »

On the menu for this new season: new events specially designed by the production teams. Some emblematic challenges of the American edition must also make their appearance, such as the “Rusidrag”. Here renamed “Musidrag”, it is a musical that will have to be invented from start to finish.

While a documentary retracing the journey of the first candidates of Drag Race France since their release of the game must be broadcast on France 2 soon, Paloma, she will debrief each episode after its retransmission on the public service channel with one of her former opponents. Finally – and this is the highlight of the show – the final will be recorded live in front of an audience of 1,200 people at the Grand Rex. So, as Nicky Doll says: Don’t screw up. »

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