Dr. Zaitsev told which path of coronavirus is considered the most dangerous

Moscow, April 5th. The airway of the spread of coronavirus infection is the most dangerous. This was stated by otolaryngologist Vladimir Zaitsev.

Rospotrebnadzor experts said that a dangerous infection in 96% of cases is transmitted by drip and only in 4% by air. Dr. Zaitsev explained why he considers the airway to be the most dangerous. In his opinion, the whole thing is the size of the microparticles of the virus itself.

“If a person coughs or sneezes, then the size of the particle emanating from him is five micrometers – this is very small. This route of infection refers to the air. If the particle size is more than five micrometers – it already belongs to the category of the drip path of infection, ”the doctor explained.

Zaitsev explained that microparticles smaller than five micrometers in size do not settle, but remain in the atmosphere, and this increases the risk of infection of another person by inhaling unsettled particles, reports NewInform.

“In addition, airborne particles are much more tenacious,” the doctor said.

Zaitsev explained the statistics provided by Rospotrebnadzor by the fact that people in Russia soberly assess the risks associated with coronavirus infection, therefore they prefer to sit in self-isolation and wear medical masks for protection. Therefore, they are corny practically have no opportunity to get infected otherwise than through the drip.

Dr. Zaitsev told which path of coronavirus is considered the most dangerous


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