“Dr. Yong” points out to build group immunity Nearly 50 million Thai people need to get the COVID vaccine. Not enough to raise them.

“Dr. Yong” points out to build group immunity Nearly 50 million Thai people need to get the COVID vaccine. Not enough to raise them.

Date 05 Mar 2021 at 10:16 a.m.

Virology experts say that immunizations to end COVID-19 need to be vaccinated, nearly 50 million people use 100 million doses of the vaccine, but Thailand has just 63 million doses that are not enough.

On February 5, 64, Prof. Yong Phoo Worawan, head of the Center of Specialization in Virology. Clinic, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University In a Facebook post, how many people are vaccinated with the COVID vaccine to develop group immunity.

Group immunity Will help prevent the outbreak of diseases that are transmitted between people and people

Defensive Will depend on the disease Easy or difficult to contact

Easy infectious disease Will need group immunity At a high rate

Infectious diseases, the lower the immune rate.

COVID 19 has a moderate infection rate.

When calculating the desired group immunity Will find that it is about 60%

Covid vaccination Efficiency in building immunity Not a hundred percent

If suppose the COVID vaccine Has created immunity against disease by 80%.

Number of people who will need to be vaccinated The immune group will be more than 60%, or more will be at over 70%.

Therefore, vaccination in the Thai population To achieve the immune group, which in the future will have to include children. And all foreigners Address in Thailand The total amount of approximately 70 million people.

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Immunity from infection Or getting vaccinated That happened to almost 50 million people.

Therefore, the need for vaccination across the country, if two doses per person, the vaccine used would have to be used together 100 million doses. Will have to use up to 85 million doses

Thailand has prepared about 63 million doses of the vaccine, so it’s not enough.

More vaccines still need to be sought. A lot more

Child population Will be the last group to be vaccinated Until the size is studied And how to use To prevent the spread of disease

And in the future in the next year Still do not know Is there a need for further stimulation?

Mass vaccination for Thailand There is an urgent need to end the epidemic crisis. Give quickly Life and society Will return to normal soon


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