“Dr. Vandana Das Death: Tragic Accident in Muttuchira, Traffic Control Imposed for Funeral”

Yesterday morning dawned with worry. Then it became a day of sorrow. The night became an unstoppable tear. Dr. Vandana’s hometown Muttuchira was like this yesterday. Her daughter met with an accident and when she received a phone call asking her to come immediately, father Mohandas, mother Vasantakumari and Vasantakumari’s brother Vinod left for Thiruvananthapuram early in the morning. They were informed that it was a minor accident. Mohandas’ nephew Bobby and some other relatives returned to Thiruvananthapuram soon after.

After 8.30 am, when the news of Vandana’s death came on the channels, the close relatives came to Vandana’s house after getting the information. The gate was locked as everyone had gone to Thiruvananthapuram. Relatives decided to demolish the house and opened the gate. When they got the information that Vandana’s body would be brought home in the evening, the relatives and neighbors made arrangements to prepare a pandal in the yard. Police also reached the spot.

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Dr. When the dead body of Vandana Das was brought to his house in Muttuchira.

Traffic control today

Kottayam ∙ In connection with the funeral of Dr. Vandana, the police imposed traffic control from Kurupantara to Kattururthi today. The restriction is from 5 am to 2 pm.

∙ Except container lorry from Ernakulam side to Etumanur – Kottayam side, vehicles should turn left from Katturutthi Central Junction and proceed via Palakara- Thotua – Kanjirathanam – Kurupanthara. Container lorries should be parked at Talolaparam at this time.

∙ Except for container lorry from Kottayam side to Ernakulam side, vehicles should turn left from Kurupantara and proceed via Mannarapara-Malliyur Junction-Royal Marble Junction- Muttuchira. Container lorries should be parked at Etumanoor side.

Vandana came back to the courtyard where she had run. Yesterday too, that trip was through the routes that he traveled regularly with his mother and father. The body was brought to Muttuchira home after a public viewing at Azizia Medical College, where Dr. Vandana Das studied.

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House of Dr. Vandana Das near Muttuchira Pattalamuk. Images: Manorama

At 8.05 pm, when the body was brought to the house near Pattalamuk, the whole country was waiting. It was laid on a specially prepared pantal in front of the house. When father Mohandas and mother Vasantakumari got out of the ambulance that brought the body, the relatives who came near to comfort them could not stop crying. Lines of people paying their last respects could be seen even late at night.

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(1) Mother Vasantakumari unable to grieve. (2) Vandana’s father

Minister VN Vasavan and Deputy Speaker Chittayam Gopakumar accompanied the body. Minister Roshi Augustine visited the house and paid his respects. ADGP MR Ajithkumar, DIG A. A police team led by Srinivas and District Police Chief K. Karthik was present at the spot.

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Vandana’s relative comes to the house and laments after hearing the news of death.

No more ‘surprise’

Katturutthi ∙ Vandana’s arrival was a surprise for Vishu. It was the first time she came home alone from Kollam – the murdered Dr. BG Vinod, wife of Vandana Das’s uncle, says that Vandana’s father Mohandas and mother Vasantakumari used to go to Azizia Medical College in Kollam and call Vandana.

Without informing Vishu, Vandana came home by herself to surprise everyone. He was sent back the next day as he was busy with training as a part of MBBS studies. He was told to come last Saturday. But he did not come because he had only one day off. Later this danger is heard; BG’s eyes filled with tears.

A brilliant student of D Paul

Vandana was a beloved student of the teachers and staff of Nazareth Hill DePaul Public School, Kulimangad. Studied from LKG to 12th in this school. Excellent in studies and extracurricular activities including dance. Everyone’s favorite character.

Loving behavior. Favorite companion of classmates. Plustu won in 2015. DePaul Public School Principal Fr. Sebastian says in Pineapple.

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