Dr. Simidchiev: 50% is the chance of a peak in August, 90% – in September

Dr. Alexander Simidchiev. BNT staff

There is a 50% chance of a peak in the pandemic in August and a 90% chance in September. This was stated in the program “Since the day” on BNT by Dr. Alexander Simidchiev, an MP from “Democratic Bulgaria”, but added that it is impossible to speak for sure, as there are too many unknowns.

According to him, the system is very confused, and the way to fix it is only with legislation.

“The system is so twisted that whoever puts it there, and Jesus put it in this place, we will embarrass him very quickly,” he stressed, adding that he has no ambition to become a minister.

Dr. Simidchiev said that it was not clear how many people had fallen ill in Bulgaria.

“We don’t have such definite data. It’s not clear how many people who have a vaccination certificate have a real vaccination certificate. There are cases of issuing a certificate without a vaccine. And then a person who has a certificate can get sick again and that’s not it. because he has been vaccinated and is getting sick again, “he said.

According to him, there has been no systematic control of the pandemic in the last 18 months.

“There was a formal plan, but this plan did not really work. I hope that from now on there is a clear structured plan that can be updated, to lead the process to be controlled much better in the future. For example, we already have a protocol adopted from the Ministry of Health, for inpatient and outpatient treatment of Kovid infection, “said Dr. Simidchiev.

He added that the problem of people’s reluctance to be vaccinated continues.

“Those who are most likely to be vaccinated have already been vaccinated, and more and more difficult groups of the population who are worried about vaccination have remained. Campaigns have been made before that were not very effective and are still being made. “Campaigns that are not dramatically different in effectiveness. A communication campaign that aims to convince someone of something must be strictly focused on the specific problem,” explained Dr. Alexander Simidchiev.



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